Guess what?!

I pretend
to smile and laugh to
be happy and have fun
only to hide the pain
that I run from
deep inside I am hurt
but there are feelings far worse
I wanna cry
but the tears stay away
everyday I feel pain
but laugh outside
only to hide the hurt
that makes me wanna cry


Forgiveness is letting go of the pain
And accepting what has happened,
Because it will not change.
Forgiveness is dismissing the blame.
Choices were made that caused the hurt;
We each could have chosen differently,
But we didn’t.
Forgiveness is looking at the pain,
Learning the lessons it has produced,
And understanding what we have learned.
Forgiveness allows us to move on
Towards a better understanding
Of universal love and our true purpose.
Forgiveness is knowing that love
Is the answer to all questions,
And that we all are in some way connected.
Forgiveness is starting over,
With the knowledge that we have gained.
I forgive you, and I forgive myself.
I hope you can do the same.

Filipino Streetfoods

Last night it was a sinful night. I am supposed to stick to my “D.I.E.T” however, when my niece asked me to accompany her to 7-11 we passed by this BBQ stalls. But hey in our country, BBQ stalls they also sell unique Filipino street foods. I had these last nights.

Chicken Intestine a.k.a Isaw ng Manok

Pork Intestine a.k.a Isaw ng baboy

Pork blood a.k.a Dugo or Betamax (Yeah they call it betamax because of the rectangular shape resembling to a betamax before)

Pork’s ear a.k.a Tenga ng Baboy

Quail egg with flour a.k.a Kwek-Kwek

Fishballs (flat one), Squidballs (the one being fried) and Kikiam (the longer one)

And that’s what I had last night. But my niece added these following foods because they love it. Which I don’t eat. But I will just post it here anyway so you will have an idea what are the streetfoods we have here in the Philippines.

Balot (it has also a counterpart which is called Penoy. However, I don’t eat this, just Penoy. Penoy doesn’t have duck embryo while Balot has. And yes, the duck embryo should be eaten too. They said it is delicious but I don’t think I am ready for that)

Chicken feet a.k.a Adidas (They call it Adidas since it is a shoe and this is a feet. I eat this if it is cook in Chinese resto but I don’t like this being grilled.)

Chicken head a.k.a Helmet (Yes, they call this helmet because it is chicken’s head)

So now you see, Philippines have unique streetfoods right? But I can assure you that they all yummy..