Back to work

Tomorrow will be my first day back to work. I dunno what to expect and what to do. After long hiatus of being professional, I know it will need time again for me to be able to grasp my daily routine.

This year, we will be moving to new office. I will definitely miss our great building today. We got great lobby and a very impressive facade. But I guess it would be better to move to smaller office than losing our jobs right?

Oh well, tomorrow is another day for a new yea. I hope this year will be a better year for us.

I’ll cross my fingers.. Till then

Love your job

Yesterday, I was asked by my boss if I know what happened to a friend of mine who transferred to another client who is also our client. I am not updated with what happened so I told him no. I told him what I know which this friend of mine told us, that he is going to Australia for business trip and I told my boss that was like three week ago.

And he told me, “He isn’t connected with that company anymore”. I was so surprised with what I have heard. Because before my friend left our company, he told me that he is seeing himself to be with this new company in the next 7 years or so.. But how come he was with them only for less than a month and now he is leaving them.. Did he really leave them or something went wrong.

I remember when we was with our company, he has a lot of complain and honestly I also have complains but not that major that I would want to leave our company.

He would always complain about workload and the likes but I think he also have point why. But what I can’t understand that we are not always loaded and work comes to their department very rare.

So now he got this job, his salary was doubled and he got a lot more perks there. He got his own office and he got people to man just like what he always complains. He used to be an Assistant Manager here but he whines about not having people to lead. I think it is not necessary for their department since their projects is not as frequent as we do in our team.

And so he already got this job offer, we asked him more than twice if he is sure about it. Oh by the way, he just got out from military service and our company is his first corporate job. Given with what he used to get while he was with the military service, our compensation is thrice of his income there. And now he got this job offer from our client, everything is doubled up and he is very eager to move.

I see myself in him. When I first got my job with this large and very well known multinational consumer and pharmaceutical company. I was very curious what is it out there for me. I was not contented with what I am getting and the days I spent answering those phone calls dreaded me. So like my friend, I look for another company.

My friend is a family man, when he decided to signed that contract, he made already advance plans. Like moving his kids to some prestigious school. I can’t blame him, his salary is enough to send two children in that kind of school. Moving his entire family from province to Manila. But now it will just remain as plan and nothing will be materialized unless he finds new job with the same salary range.

I guess contentment with what we have and being appreciative is the key. We need to learn to love our job, in fact everything we have. We need to learn to be appreciate even the simplest thing we have. Because we will never know until when we will be blessed with those things.

Some people whine and complain how hard their job is, but they didn’t realize they are still more lucky because they got the job. There will be a lot of people who would love to trade their place with what we have now. They are trying so hard to find job to be able to have a monthly income and now we our job and yet we keep on whining. Why? Because we do not how to appreciate things that we have.

Very ironic, I would also want to quit my job but I think it is God’s sign that I need to hold on. And last night, I evaluate things that I have specially my job. I realized, I love my job and with my 8 jobs (this is my 8), I only have 2 jobs that I would say I love the most, my very first job and this my current job. It is just too bad my friend have to lose his job first before I appreciate my job now.

Thanks to him 🙂