My day in commuter’s life

I go to the office 5 days a week using public transportation. Why? Because it is more economical and I find it more relaxing and amusing.. I can always have an option to bring a car but I am just to lazy to drive. Given with the traffic here, ohh please…..

So I would usually leave the house at 6:30 A.M. to start my travel going to the office. On my bus going to the office, I would usually take the middle seat but that is if the front seat is no longer available. I am fond of looking those girls of my age on how they dress up and how they wear their make up. It fascinates me whenever I see some of them applied those make up well. But I find it funny whenever I see someone who will go to work as if they just got out of their bed. Common, is this the way you will start your day. I believe that whenever you go out, you need to be well dressed and you’re always at your best. Because you will never know who you will meet on your way.

Then sometimes, whenever the bus if full and I am on a hurry, I don’t have any choice but to stand. Gosh, I see a lot of guys stronger than I am sitting but they can’t even offer their seat. Why? Because their logic is that they also pay the same fare. But for God sake, why they can also bear old people and pregnant women stand as well? How ungentleman these guys..

Then, I would see couples doing a lot of Public display of affection. Hmm, it is perfectly fine to see those. In fact, sometimes I wish I have a boyfriend but I don’t think I can show too much affection in public. Holding is fine but not those torrid kissing. Well as you can see this bus will be filled with commuters even on the aisle. I think only needles can pass between spaces of standing passengers. Yes, they will try to fill every space they can to earn more. That is why, sometimes, taking a 7:00 onwards trip maybe stressful for me.

Hmm, oh well, these are the daily scene I usually encounter going to the office, sometimes it pisses me of but of the time it entertains me. 🙂

Shock with our bus stops? Hell yeah, we have blue and pink bus stops here.. Even flyover are all painted in pink and blue.. Very feminine aight?

They find it funny but of course I think MMDA chairperson chose this color since political people here use color to be able to identify them. Since pink and blue are the colors that wasn’t used yet, so maybe that is why he chose this..

Even the public toilets are painted in pink too. 😀

I just simply love riding jeepneys. They are my high school ride and even college ride. Just imagine it’s an

open air. But sometimes, I dare not to think the traffic ahead whenever I am about to go to school. It is open air but the pollution is the one that irks me. I am not as fresh when I left home when I get to the school. But hey I should still be thankful because I manage to smell fresh. 😉

Currently, in Makati area, they have their own version of this, the air-conditioned and the electric powered jeepneys. I wonder up to how many variations they can think of this ride.

Oh yeah, these SUV known as FX taxis are being used as well as Taxi. They would usually ask higher than those buses and jeepneys. I seldom ride this one, why? Because I find expensive and very uncomfortable. Just imagine 4 at the back and 4 at the middle and 3 in the front. How can you even sit and avoid crumpling your clothes. Hmm, lemme try to think again if I wanted to ride in this public transport.. Maybe yes, if I will have no choice.

This is a tricycle. I think Thailand also have their own version of this. But anyways, I also ride this one if there is heavy rain. Although my house is just walking distance to the bus stop, of course I will choose not to get wet because I am trying to save money for the ride. 🙂

They maybe small but some of them can even care 6 passengers just like a cab huh?! Oh well, here in my country as long as they can squeeze in, they’d do that..

They would also have these loud speakers that would bang and would take your eardrums out. *bang* bang*..

And lastly, the pedicab. Way cheaper than tricycles but way slow than them too. Of course this is a bicycle. Yeah I love riding this one, the breeze of air, I can feel it. But sometimes, if you’re in a hurry, I suggest you ride the tricycle.

This is usually scene in a middle class subdivisions or less privileged cities. But riding this fun too.

Now I have shared to you my daily rides. Now why would I want to ride those Mercedes Benz if I can afford to have my own driver right?

Hmm what are the other rides we have here in the Philippines.. Lemme see, these are the rides I took sometimes whenever I go to other places.

I always take MRT station and also LRT, faster and less traffic. The only problem is it is totally crowded. But hey it is less traffic hehe…

Taxis are common to anywhere in the world. I took this ride very seldom because i find it expensive too.

So there you go. All my rides. So until my next trip? Ciao!