Cebu Hospital Scandal…Really a shameful one

Filipinos were so furious when Desperate Housewife star made what they claim to be ‘racial slur’ about our Filipino medical practitioner. Even our government reacted and asked for public apology from the producers of that show.

But now, with this youtube scandal “Vicente Sotto Memorial Hospital” scandal, I don’t know what are the doctors and nurses trying to show the world. Do they think its cool when they do such thing with their patients? Now I am scared that if ever I will be in emergency room, they might also get video of me and posted it on the net. As far as I know, with what they did is exactly “Invasion of privacy” which is against our law and also around the world.

Personally, my brother who is also a nurse informed that they are not even allowed to bring cellphones or have any jewelries e.g. watches in the hospital particularly in the “Emergency Room”. I don’t know why the doctors allow them to have it video. Such a shame.

With what happened, I think our fellow Filipinos who are in the medical field in other countries experience now different treatment because of what happened.

As an individual and a ‘matured’ one, we should know how to gauge when it is supposed to be kept confidential and if its fun. Fun doesn’t necessarily mean, they have to humiliate other people just to be funny. In fact I think with what they did, it is in fact immature act.

PMA, said they will take action. Well I hope so. But I know it would take time before we can go back again on track and clean our name in this field..