The attack of the killer kutings!

I know a lot of you will ask why my title is like that. Well a friend of mine was teasing me last Friday because of what happened to me at Ayala tower one lobby.

Yes I know, you find this kuting (kitten) cute. But for me I am damn scared of them. I don;t know why but seems like I always think that they will attack me anytime. But because of these kutings, I really, really hate them… Why? I will give you all the embarrassing and horrifying experiences I had with them:

1.) I was working then with call center when my bestfriend Shine and I decided to go down and just chill out for our lunch break. I was kinda pissed off at the office that night that we decided to sit at the driveway of our building. While chit-chatting, this kitten little by little approach us. If anyone knows the Export Bank Tower at Chino Roces Makati, this is where this incident happened. So while this little kuting was approaching us, we decided to go back inside the building. To our surprise, this kuting was rushing toward us and literally chasing me. Thank God there is a glass door that he slammed there while I rushed towards the elevator. Just imagine me running in heels in a building lobby because of this kuting. (I lost my poise there though :()

2.) Second was when my ex and I were swimming at their pool during a pool party. I was diving when I noticed after I emerged from the water that there was a cat sitting at edge of the pool beside the slide. I was freaking out and was shaking while my ex was trying to scare the cat away.. Once again, I lost my poise. 😦

3.) I went out on my very first date after my Kai siao with this guy. We went at Eagles Point Antipolo where we are enjoying the view when I felt something under the table.Something furry. When  I looked for it, I was stunned to see this cat rubbing his body against my feet. To my horror, I jumped on the table where my date was having his dinner and I was shaking. Just imagine it is an open bar, a lot of people are there, yet, I was like a crazy screaming because this cat. I thought that night, gosh, I will never ever have a chance to have a second date with this guy. But to my suprise, I got another chance.

4.) So after my horrible experience with cats during my first date, this guy and I had our vacation at Clark. While we are having this wonderful dinner by the pool, cats are swarming around us. Again, it happened. *Sigh*… But he finds it funny and cute, while I find it embarassing, horrific and scandalous. 😦

5.) And just last Friday, while walking at the lobby of Ayala Tower one, I noticed that there is a little kuting outside the door on which we will pass. When I confirmed it is indeed a kuting, I ran back and to make things worst, I accidentally unplugged the microphone of the priest conducting the mass at the lobby and I fell on my knees. I was wearing a dress that day and to my surprise, I stand up and pretend nothing happened but I am sure everyone is looking at me. I told again my friend about it, and he was laughing his head off because this.

I just wish my terrifying cat experiences will end.. 😦

Cats and kittens, please just stay out of my way…