Time Warp

Yesterday while doin’ nothin on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I took a nap and before that, been tellin’ myself I need to find something to do. So when I woke up, all of a sudden, I’ve decided to see my college best buds.

I haven’t seen my college buds since when.. Hmm last year or two years ago?! Darn, can’t even remember myself. Well anyways, so I took a bath and dress up and rushed down our home and got my car key.

It feels good to start driving again. Oh well, my first time to drive with an expensive car of course courtesy of my hubby :D…

As we took the old route goin’ to my friend’s house at Pag-Asa, memories flashed into my head. I was so happy telling Ube (daughter of our househelp) how we were during our college days.

I was so happy seeing my friend. When I went to Eve’s place, lots of memories rushed into our head. Oh well, she was still sleeping and i bugged her. While waiting for Ian, we were chatting with Claude (Eve’s bf) and we were laughing on our college days.

I thought that Ian won’t arrived so we’ve decided to leave around 7:30. But Eve told me that Ian arrived already and asked us to go there. So we went there, and I’m glad to see Tita Abet, Vic (Ian’s husband), Eula and Botchok (their kids).

We were laughing like we were still in college. Oh well, I will definitely see them more often now. I’m glad to see  my bestfriends.

Ian and Eve