Ouch, I’m in pain!

Yesterday, our company held the first Badminton competition. They are in the country for almost 7 years already and it is their first time to hold such event. Maybe because they will be enough people to join the competition. Although there’s only 22 of us in the office, we managed to have a balance team. Why balance, almost all of us, only one or two players really plays badminton 😀

First game is suppose to be Yellow (my team) versus Green. So since one of the guy from the Green team didn’t show up, we were teasing default. But they have decided to have a mixed, for Green and double boys for Yellow. However, my boss said which is also my teammate said, to be fair, it should be mixed as well to our team. So they have decided to have me.

So we played, Jett and I, mixed versus the Green team. We won after close fight. To my surprise after that game, it is double Yellow girls versus Green. And I was like, “can I get at least 10 minutes rest?”. But too bad, the game continued. I played badminton, not in tournament level but enough to win the game. My partner play as well but not as good as I play. So I have to support her a lot, running every shuttlecock and mind you guys, that’s the only game that reached 3rd set. The first set, we lost. The 2nd we won so we have a 3rd set to know who will win. I was sweating like a pig honestly. Then we won.

I was so happy that we are leading team and will have a chance of landing 2nd place which I would like to have. The award is not that grand but still hey its a gift check. So I better grab it? So we just rested for like 15 minutes then I played again with Red team girls, gosh they won and the game was fast. But of course having two of them who plays for tournament and us playing street badminton ahaha, who would win aight?

Then we played with double blue, we thought, they would be an easy opponent. However, when you play ‘alone’ and there’s two of them playing together, who would win. When I say alone, there’s still two of us, however, I know my partner is already tired and doesn’t want to run after those shuttlecocks. So I tried my best to cope up but see it is not enough. It still should be two of us working together to win.

So the dream of th 2nd place fell. We landed to 3rd or might be fourth. We had finals. Thank God, it was mixed. I played very well with Jett so we decided to play together to win even the 3rd place. The first set, usual, we lost. But the second, we tried to win. I was losing hope honestly, but imagining my love is watching me from the bench and cheering for me, gave me hope that I could still win. So I pushed my hardest to win. This time not because of the gift check but because I want my love to be proud of me. So we won, 3rd place. Not bad but not good enough. Because I know we could be 2nd placer if we just try our hardest.

So now when I got home, I am in pain now. My entire body is aching like hell. Can’t move nor walk properly. But I am happy because I know at least my love is proud of me. I promised the next time, I will give him the championship award. 🙂 See whenever you feel like giving up, just thinking your love will give you enough strength to try harder and won’t let you give up. They will inspire you to try winning. 🙂

Till next time, resting time..