My baby stuff

being mom for the first time gives me mixed feelings. Excitement, fear, joy and anticipation. And since I am on my 25th weeks now, I bought basic stuff my baby will need in the hospital.  I wanna share to you the things I bought yesterday for my kiddo… 🙂

Baby bag

Shirts, sandos, pajamas, shorts and bibs

Sandos and shirts

Pajama and short

Mittens, booties and bonnets

microfiber towels

Infants blanket

Infant blanket

hypoallergenic pillows

first grooming tools

clothes diaper




baby basic stuff

We are still hoping for a girl though… I hope it’s a girl. Although in my last ultrasound, it looks like it’s a boy.  Anyways, as long as the baby is healthy, normal and fine…

Till then