I got this email from my Fil-Chi group… Hope this will serve as a warning to everyone who usually travels everyday going to work, meetings etc…

I know that this articlemight be too long to read but I am requesting that you please just givetime to read everything meticulously. This will help you a lot to bemore aware of your surroundings when driving. This isabout the attempted carnapping incident that I experienced last night,Oct 5.

FLAG DOWN Modus Operandi.

At about 10pm last night Imade a turn towards our main avenue in a village just by the Eastservice road in Sucat. I noticed a car was behind me but didn’t thinkmuch of it as we were already approaching the entrance to our village. Just right after we passed by the guard house, this particular carzoomed right pass by me to overtake. I thought perhaps it was just ahomeowner hurrying to get home after a long and tiring day.

My house is situated alongthe main avenue, and sad to say, the street does not have enoughsecurity and lighting as this is along the perimeter of our village. Our village guards are stationed only at the entrance and within thevillage. Just when I was 2 houses away from my gate, the car, now infront of me, hurriedly parked on the other side of the street. Thepassenger door suddenly opened and this policeman “1” got out andwalked directly to the side of the road I was driving at. At thispoint, my speed was at a minimum because I had just passed a hump onthe road. I had to stop the car because he was blocking my way and thefirst thing that came to my mind was that if I go ahead and ignore him,he might actually fire at me seeing that he was a cop. Upon stoppingthe car, he asked me to open the window on my side. I did so but withlittle space, just enough to hear whatever he has to say. He demandedthat I give him my car registration at once. I asked him right awaywhat this was about and his only answer to me was “Naka-flag kasi etongkotse mo”. I was puzzled by his answer but gave him anyway my carregistration thinking that if I just present to him whatever he wants,we can end this as quickly as possible since I know I didn’t commit anyviolations. Upon presenting him my car registration, he quickly passedit on to Policeman “2”who suddenly appeared behind him at that point. This policeman 2 then ordered me toopen my hood. Irritated now, I asked them again what this was about,but still I got the same answer – “Naka-flag kasi ang kotse mo”. Iopened my hood and policeman 2went to the front of the car to “check” whatever it was he wanted tocheck.

As policeman 2 was checking myhood, I got surprised when policeman1 knocked on the passenger side window, which was to myright, and asked if he can have a look at my driver’s license. Whywill he bother crossing to the other side of the car when he could’vejust asked it from me by my side? I opened my passenger window againwith just about 3inches of space. I then told him that my house wasjust beyond the curve, about 10 meters away from where we were, andrequested if we can hold the “inspection” there where I can feel safersince I can ask someone from the house to accompany me. To this Ididn’t get any reply. When I finally handed him my license, policeman 2 came back to myside from the front of the car, purposely to distract me. I evenrequested for the 2nd time to policeman 1, angrier this time,if we can proceed to the front of my house and just continue theinspection there. Suddenly, definitely God’s miracle, I turned towardsmy right to look back at policeman2 just in time to see his whole arm inside my car, squeezedin between the tiny open space, trying to open the door lock! Luckily,I have a window visor which makes it extra hard for him to move his arminside. When I saw this, I immediately pulled up the window switch tobring up the windows. He even cried in pain because his whole arm gotwedged in between the window in the process. This time, my irritationquickly transformed to sheer panic because I knew then that somethingwas definitely wrong. BY LAW, NO POLICEMAN IS ALLOWED TO TOUCHANYTHING INSIDE YOUR CAR. When he got his hand out of the car, Iquickly shut the passenger window.

It was then that I noticedpoliceman 2 was alreadypointing an Armalite gun at me by my window. I cannot remember clearlywhat he said but somewhere along the lines of “Buksan/Ibigay/Tumigil kakundi puputukan kita”. I knew then that if I let fear and panicovercome me, I will be in serious danger. I had to be strong and takecontrol. I started honking my horn as loud as I can and as long as Ican to attract attention. I had to try. My sister who was in ourhouse that time even mentioned after the incident that she alreadyrecognized my horn, but was puzzled because it sounded as if I werestill far away. This action clearly disturbed the two policemen (policeman 1 decided to join policeman 2 on my side now) andpoliceman 2 who was holding theArmalite gun became angrier and then held the gun to the frontwindshield pointing it in front of my face roughly tapping the glasswith the gun.

I decided then that I hadto escape. I groped for the paddle shift and hand break and juststepped on the gas. I didn’t care anymore if the Armalite pointed atme would go off. “Bahala na” was my attitude. I had to free myselffrom these two monsters. When I pressed on the gas pedal, I even hitone of them who started walking in front of the car, an attemptprobably to prevent me from driving off. He fell in a crouchingposition but quickly recovered and probably stepped back that’s why Iwas able to drive off. My car hood was still up, I couldn’t see athing but I didn’t care anymore. Luckily, the hood fell down when Ipassed by another hump just a meter away from where I left off. I justkept honking my horn all the way until I reached my house, just 10meters from where all it happened. I didn’t look anymore at myrearview mirror to check if they were behind me. I was focused on ourgate waiting to see when my brother’s feet will appear (good thing ourgate is solid so you won’t see the inside of the house) so that I candrive my car quickly inside as soon as possible. When I was able to doso, I shouted to my brother, “isarado mo na, isarado mo na!” Atricycle driver who witnessed the latter part of the incident testifiedto the same happenings and said that the two policemen went back totheir car and drove off, outside of our village to flee. They did notchase me. Thank God.

After this brief buttraumatic ordeal, I realized that everysingle move that they did was planned and with purpose. All the small details, when put together, make the perfect crime plan.

Their actions were clearlycalculated. To emphasize, their modus operandi is:

1) Carnappersdisguising themselves as Policemen. They were wearing full policeoutfit (blue pants, blue collared polo with police caps). They weredriving a GRAY INNOVA with a “PULIS” sign on the side door.

2) Carnappersdemanding that you show them your car registration and open the carhood. This was a tacticto obscure my line of vision when the hood is up so I couldn’t driveoff. This was also so that passersby will think that nothing wrong isgoing on, just two policemen helping fix the car.

3) Carnappersasking for your license or any document for that matter on the other side of the car,away from you. This was an attempt to open the car door/lockwhile the other policeman was distracting me. If theguy was able to get in the car, I was sure that they were going tobring me with them.

Unfortunately, thesecriminals weren’t apprehended and are walking free as you read this. Probably planning on their next “target”. That’s why I want to sharethis with all of you. To warn you of the dangers lurking around us.

This is definitely an experience I wouldn’t wish upon anyone else. This can happen toanyone, boy or girl. My car was heavily tinted. Even the frontwindshield was tinted. So we are assuming that I was just at the wrongplace at the wrong time.

Nagbakasakalilang sila, doesn’t matter if I was a boy or a girl, if I was alone ornot. But by God’s grace, I was able to get out of it unharmed.

If you are faced with thisexperience, call for help right away. Attract attention. This is thebest way to get out of this situation. Maintain your presence ofmind. Do NOT panic, panicking will only make matters worse. For”real” police emergency, number to call is 117. This is worth a try. Rather than having your family members or friends rescue you unarmed. Just call family or friends after you’ve called the authorities. Also,make sure to save your village or subdivision’s guard house number soyou can easily call for help when needed.

Please share this with thepeople that you care for so we may all stay away from harm’s way. Thisis not a hoax. This is real life. Let this be a reminder that wecan ONLY trust people that we know. People disguised as the “goodguys” can end up really being the evil ones. It is so sick how peoplecan be this evil when so much suffering is happening around. Pleaseplease please BE SAFE at all times.

If you can share otherexperiences or precautionary measures, please do so to aid everyone onwhat to do in situations like this.

Thank you, God bless andSTAY SAFE.


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