I hate myself

valentine45.html (and this the video attached to this poem)

Our love is the long lasting kind;
We’ve been together quite awhile.
I love you for so many things,
Your voice, your touch, your kiss, your smile. You accept me as I am;
I can relax and just be me.
Even when my quirks come out,
You think they’re cute; you let me be. With you, there’s nothing to resist;
You’re irresistible to me.
I’m drawn to you in total trust;
I give myself to you willingly. Your sweet devotion never fails;
You view me with a patient heart.
You love me, dear, no matter what.
You’ve been that way right from the start. Those are just a few reasons why
I’ll always love you like I do.
We’ll have a lifetime full of love,
And it will happen because of you.

I wrote it for him but he doesn’t believe any single thing I wrote there.. How funny my Valentines.
Sad valentines to me

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. dong ho
    Feb 16, 2009 @ 15:11:38

    really?! that’s as sweet as a girl can be. well maybe he somewhat doesnt deserve your love.

    belated happy hearts day!


    • equilibrium2008
      Feb 18, 2009 @ 05:20:04

      well we’ve talked about it already and we were able to fix it. I’m glad Dong I am moving forward and looking for a brighter future with him


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