2009 Resolutions

2009 is almost coming, today is 30th already and one more day its the first day of the year. I would normally make New Year’s resolutions however, out of say 5 I made, I will only be able to achieve 3 of those. I would normally wonder why, but I realized, its more on, I would normally find reason why its impossible for me to achieve it.

But this year, I have resolutions again which I have started working this year. Its more on continuation of the things I have started already:

1. Lose more weight.. Yeah I have lost 30 lbs already in one month. And not bad if I lose more say 10-15 more lbs.

2. Get a new job. Oh well eventhough I am waiting for a new job, I will still try to look for new job too. Better have a fallback than nothing at all.

3. Have a baby. Yes once I lost weight, me and my hubby are planning to have our little angel next year. We hope it’s gonna be a baby girl. Since we will be naming our name as Althea Nicole. But if its gonna be a baby boy, it will be Inigo Miguel. Cute isn’t it?

4. Start a little business. By saving more this year, I might be able to start again my online store. I used to have an online store but I never had the chance to take it seriously since I am too scared that I may not be able to get back my capital. But hey, if I will not take the risk, how will my money earn aight?

5. Be the best partner and mother. Once we have our baby, I hope and will try my best to be the best I can be. I am trying to be the best partner he can have right now and I just hope that I can also be a good mom.

Right now these are the resolutions I made. And I hope I will be able to achieve all.

Till next year’s resolutions… Ciao!