Wonderful night

I had a wonderful night yesterday. As you know, I will be with my sexy love. So we were chatting that yesterday afternoon and told him I have to go ahead since I have to prepare our dinner. But he insisted of picking me up instead since he miss me a lot. We haven’t seen each other for a week and he was so excited to see me. So he picked me up from work and as we drove home, he can’t help but hold me my hands and keep on kissing it. I find it sweet. And it was a lovely feeling to be honest. On our way home, I can’t help but stare at him. I told myself, how lucky I am to be with this guy. He told me how much he loves, I think he never failed to say to me. One thing that made me smile was his effort to buy me this special shaped chocolates. He said, he finds it cute so he thinks, it will be cute as well for me… Hmm, he can read my mind.

When we arrived home, I immediately spent my time preparing our dinner. I cooked beef afritada. So while cooking, I know I am in love because I can’t help but smile. I know that there will be problems we will encounter in the future but, that won’t stop us from loving one another. I know sometimes I get jealous oh well I think that is normal right? But last night, I had this assurance that he truly loves me and that I should trust him. I mean I trust him but I don’t trust those girls around him 😀

I love you baby and I am glad you’re mine 🙂