I finally found someone

Oh well, a lot of people said this line. In fact this line is considered ‘overused’. But hey the line in this song, I finally found someone, that knocks me off my feet. I finally found the one, that makes me feel complete. I am with this great guy that makes my whole world complete. I know sounds cheesy but hey that’s the fact. I never thought I would never find someone like him. Someone who will do anything just to be with me.

One thing I have learned from loving this guy is that, never expect anything in return when you love someone. And always tell them how important they are to you. This will boost their morale and also will love you even more.

I am no expert when it comes to love. I failed a lot of times, but with those failures, I became who I am now. He would always tells me that “It gets worst before getting better”. Well true. I have been into a lot of shitty relationships, pasts where I thought I would never make it. But hey after all those heartaches, pains and sorrows, I found him.

God knows what you really need in order to succeed. He will never give you something without you learning something. After tough times I have been through, He gave something worth keeping for a lifetime. A gift more precious than anything else in this world.

I love everything about him. His flaws are included too. I think that is true love huh? When you can still love that person beyond those imperfection. Oh well no one is perfect and he even said, he think he is bad for me but he will try his best to be good. For me not to regret choosing to be with him.

I am just so lucky, lucky enough to be with someone who can love me back the way I love him. Well, I think more than I do. He do everything just to make me feel love and cared for. I feel his support in everything I do and I know he is always proud of my achievements, big or small, he is still proud of me. Oh, how I love this guy.

But I know there would be times that we might hurt each other. But I think that is part of a relationship. But I know we will never hurt one another ‘intentionally’. But it will draw us together closer. In our hearts, mind and soul, we are married to one another. 🙂 And I think that’s what’s important.

Till then!