Snooper, Bitchy and Chubby me!

Oh well I guess every girl has this tendency. I am also guilty of it. I snoop on someone.. Hmm I think I still snoop up to this date. But I do it not because I want to tell gossip about that person but primarily, I wanted to know what’s going on with her. Yes it is “her” and not him.

I met this girl few years back. We used to be bestfriend before we turned into worst enemies. Yes, as in worst to the extent I would like to smash her face. She also has this online journal which I think is pretty lame. Why lame? I just think it is lame because maybe I just don’t simply like her.

I laugh with her misfortunes as she swore before that I will be miserable so I also feel the same whenever she experience one. I know it is not right, but I I feel good about it. I know she also feel the same whenever something bad happens to me.

I am glad I have this own private space now. I can write freely without being bugged. I shutdown my first blog because she just simply annoys me there. Although I know I can control her comments but a part of me just don’t like reading her nasty comments though. Yes, that is where being a bitch comes in

Then this another girl, which I snoop also in her online journal. Checking if the the guy I like so much still leave comments there. Hmm I think I am also a masochist. I know how much she likes her which makes me more eager to just lose weight. Well unfortunately in this country they like skinny people.

They prefer girls who would fit in size 0 and not the girls that has size 8 onwards. But why? We are more huggable though.

But this second girl, she writes very well… Hmm I think she is cute too but of course she is someone I have to look out for. Although she is US now and the guy I like is in PI, but still the world is smaller now because of Internet.

Here are some advantages that I think of being on chubby side:

1. I was told that when your chubby you stay warm…always
2. Also my teacher says that chubby could survive in the desert without food longer.
3. Make THE best canonball splashes
4. Generally happier people cause they aren’t starving themselves. And most of the time they are fun to be with because they are good in cracking up jokes. I noticed, mostly of chubby people are in fact jolly people. No dull moments with them.
5. Know about computer more than any self conscious chick… Mostly of the sexy chick I know would rather spend time in front of the mirror than in front of computer.
6. Can always cook good and show you knew foods
7. You always know they’re home when you need them
8. There are clothes store dedicated to there size
9. In a hurricane you’re harder to blow over
10. You’re cuddly.
11. When you bump into people you don’t have to say you’re sorry.
12. They are harder to kidnap.

Now I know I just love being chubby. I maybe chubby but I can also be bitchy at the same time. 😉