I wanna be like them….

Oh well sometimes, while I am alone, I can’t help but wish I am one of those celebrities that I adore. For me they are not only beautiful but they also have other qualities that I like the most. Can’t help but dream during my idle time to be like them… Hmm, I don’t think if it steams from my own insecurities. But oh my, I can’t help but wonder what would it be like to be someone like them… Here are some of my favorite celebrities that I’ve been fantasizing…

KC Concepcion

Oh well, she is my # 1 idol. She got almost everything. Beauty, intelligence, talented, wealth and fame. But despite all these, she remained very humble. I always watch all her tv guestings, shows and the likes. She is the girl, I would want to my future daughter to be like.. The girl who have almost everything..

Anne Curtis

Yes, Anne Curtis.. For me she is pretty, sexy and intelligent too. I started to like her with her tv series Kampanerang Kuba. She portrays the role very well. She is one of the actress that is not afraid to look bad on screen just to give whatever is needed for the scene. Admittedly, a lot of actresses now wants to look good on cam so when the director said “iyak” (cry), they don’t want their make up to smudge or something. Duh! But Anne is different, she is really something.

Maja Salvador

I just simply love this girl. She is also very talented and I just love how she dance. Very elegant and graceful. Oh why I love her, just simply because I am also a frustrated dancer and always dream that I can dance like her.

Hilary Duff

Oh yeah, Hilary Duff is someone I look up to. She is very bubbly and I just love how she acts natural in front of camera. And so far, she didn’t have any negative publicity like other Hollywood actress. She remained to have her own space despite being famous.

Kirsten Dunst

I first watch her on Interview with the vampire. And I told myself, this kid will look cute when she grows up. Which she did. After that, I became one of her avid fan. I just simply watch all her movies and I would always go gaga whenever I know her film will be shown..

Amanda Bynes

I just simply love the way she portray Fiola in her movie “She’s the man”. And after that, I also got hooked with her. I just simply love her easy going nature.

Oh well, those are the girls I would always wish that I am like them or to be exactly like them. But yeah, I know it would be impossible and every individual are different and unique. And no other can play our role better than ourselve. So for now, I would be just be contented to an avid fan of those girls.

Hmm.. what if, nah I don’t think its a good idea.