Year of the rat for rooster people


This year, you are especially popular and there will be much socializing to do this year. Everybody wants to be your friend. Everybody wants to be part of your projects. Everybody wants to be associated with you one way or another. This is a great time to build rapport, to meet new people and to be involved in teamwork. If you are in sales or business, this is a perfect time to increase your client base or to build your contacts. During this great time, there is one lurking potential danger that might cause a downfall in your good luck. It is that there are also signs of vices such as gambling, drinking, smoking etc. Do not engage in a moment’s pleasure that might cause you a lifetime’s regret. This year, there is also much gossip and rumors revolving around you. Do not participate in it. Always be responsible for your words and actions. Do not push your luck and get involved in illegal activities. Also do not get involved with people that you should not be around with.


This is a good year in terms of career. You are be welcomed by your peers, vendors and clients. It is a great time to build rapport, to increase you client base and to participate in teamwork. Most of the time you will realize that your popularity is so strong that colleagues or your peers will volunteer to do the work for you. There will also be more entertaining this year. It is important not to indulge too much in it. Always uphold your professionalism and utilize your popularity in a positive way. There is a high chance that there are some office rumors about you flying around. Do not get involved in any “indecent proposals”.


Your wealth luck is good this year. There is a good chance that you will be able to increase your savings this year. However, there are a few possibilities to foil you plans. One is that there is a high tendency that you might overspend on entertainment and socializing. Another is also not to get involved with illegal activities or people that you should not be with or else you might need to spend a huge amount to buy yourself out of trouble.


For those in relationships, there is a high tendency that there will be a third party or the relationships may be hurt by rumors and gossip. It is important to be faithful, honest and maintain clear communication with your spouse or partner. If any misunderstandings arise, try to clear the air soon. Do not take your spouse or partner for granted. For those who are single, this is a great time for you to get out there and meet new people. There is a high chance that you will meet that special someone.


Do not overindulge in drinking, overeating and staying up late. Do not drink and drive. Remember that maintaining a healthy lifestyle will prolong your popularity and good luck. If you have elders at home, take care of their health and safety.


People will like to gossip and spread rumors about you because you are the hot topic of the town. There is a price to pay for being famous. You are responsible to keep your image and watch yourself closely. Even if you do not, many curious pairs of eyes and ears will not stop prying into your matters.

I know I may have posted this quite late, but I realized, all the things going on in my life now is in fact in my feng shui for this year. I should have listen and read this carefully before. I wonder, why people would even want to try to put me down.. I feel now, that I am indeed the “Star”…..

Anyways, I really don’t think they will put me down. No matter how hard they will try, I know I still have God as my companion and savior.