When can I say this?

I was watching this mushy film the other day. But I realized that I haven’t said such thing to someone who hurt me before.. I wonder when can I say those words:

She loved me at my worst, you had me at my best

Hmm, I wonder when can I say these words. Painful but true. Sometimes, people tend to take those people who loves them for granted. Only to realize their worth once they are gone. And once they are gone, they would exert extra effort to win them back. Why only when they are gone? Why not when they are still with you, why didn’t you make them feel special, love and needed? Sometimes, I just don’t understand other people at all.

Never let go if you know they are very important to your life. Remember, there are other people around you who revolves their world around you. Make them feel special if they are with you.

I remember in one movie trailer I saw yesterday a girl said “Kaya ayoko ng commitment eh, masasaktan lang ako” (That is why I dont like commitment, I will just get hurt). I hope, I will not end up saying this instead. But with the current situation I have now, I always end up getting hurt, being left behind.

But hey, I still hope to have reason to smile and believe in true love.

Till then..

Last Sunset

This was our last,
Last sunset,
The last kiss,
The moment we shared,
We cherished it well,
How we spent it was well enough to make me cry,
The sunset was beautiful as if I can kiss the sky,
As we kiss,
You fade away in my arms,
The things we shared is gone,
The moments we had is gone,
No more us,
No more you,
I miss you,
As you fade away,
Away you go,
Sudden saddness I become,
Over you,
Over the sound the waves crashs,
Crashs towards the waves of the sun,
As you see the sunset,
Fawefell to you and I.

Jennifer Rondeau