San Juan Batangas

First time that I was able to see that there is still blue water in Luzon. I thought all beach here have brown waters already. It was 3 hours drive from Manila and the scenery were great. Who would have thought that this part of Batangas is still untouched and shall I conclude un-explored. I was amazed with the beach, so blue and the place is so serene. A nice getaway from busy metropolis. I wonder, why didn’t even dream of exploring our own country first before exploring other countries which I always dreamed of.

We have stayed in La Luz Resort, the food were great too. The resort don’t allow to bring food but their PHP900 per head, “sulit”. They have four viands, which consists of pork, chicken, fish, beef. They also have veggies and also dessert. Your 900 is consist of lunch upon arrival, merienda, dinner and breakfast.

Their rooms, they’re all very cozy and nice. I just love their interior, very warm and relaxing. Oh yeah, the toilet, I am very particular with that. But here in this resort, their toilets were very clean. Very well managed though.

Worth visiting this place again.. I will if I can find time again.


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